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Our Mission

Advanced Stucco Repair, Inc. knows there will always be a need for stucco repairs, and that an average homeowner usually has no idea that damage is occurring because of faulty stucco work, or hard-to-see areas which allow moisture to damage not only the stucco finish itself, but more importantly the structural materials hidden by the stucco.

Our goal is to help homeowners discover these damages before it is so extensive that the repairs are - quite often - extraordinarily expensive.

Stucco finishes require ongoing inspections and after proper inspection and repairs (if needed), Advanced Stucco Repair's goal is to maintain a solid and long-lasting stucco finish and the more important foundational and insulation materials too often unseen by the unaware homeowner.

Advanced Stucco Repair, Inc. is not only one of the most reputable stucco repair companies in Atlanta and beyond, but it is one of the few companies that constantly stays up-to-date in the stucco industry, maintaining an ongoing awareness and education on new stucco technology, advances in stucco maintenance and other issues regarding stucco finishes that most companies may not be aware of.

It is our goal to create a reputation that is at a level far above any company like ours in the industry. It is our goal to prevent costly stucco-related repairs by discovering potential problems in advance of potentially significiant repair costs to homeowners who plan to live in their homes for a long time, or to homeowners who plan to sell their homes and discover too late that thousands of dollars in repair costs will be necessary for inspection success before a sale can be made.

We demand excellence and knowledge from our work crews and we do not accept anything less than performance-perfection, and customer satisfaction at the conclusion of each of our projects.

Advanced Stucco Repair
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